Safety and Security

Safety and Security

Safety and Security

We want all of our students to feel safe while they are at college. We strive to make our college a safe and welcoming place, with a range of measures in place to protect our community.

ID Lanyards

It's important that we can easily identify who should and shouldn't be on our campus. All students and colleagues are asked to wear college-issued photographic ID lanyards at all times. ID checks are carried out in buildings, entrances and across campus regularly throughout the day.


Our Safeguarding Team help us in our commitment to protect young people and adults from all forms of bullying, abuse and radicalisation. Any concerns about welfare should be directed to our Safeguarding team on during office hours.

Outside of college office hours students and parents/carers can seek advice from the Police on 101, and the Cumbria Safeguarding Hub's Emergency Duty Team on 0333 240 1727. 

If you believe a person to be at risk of immediate danger dial 999 and speak to the Police.

Safeguarding Policies

We have extensive measures in place to ensure student safety and welfare and all of our colleagues are trained to follow our safeguarding processes. You can explore more of our safety measures:

You can view the NCG Safeguarding Policy HERE and the NCG Safeguarding Procedure HERE