Motor Vehicle

Part Time

Apprenticeship in Motor Vehicle Engineering (light or heavy vehicle)

Intermediate (level 2) and Advanced (level 3)

An apprenticeship is a work-based training programme. It provides the learner with development of practical skills combined with the essential theoretical knowledge required to work on modern vehicles.

For someone looking to enter a career in the Automotive Industry, an Apprenticeship is an ideal way of doing so. An apprenticeship gives the learner the best of both worlds, learning and working, enabling them to earn money whilst gaining qualifications.

For employers looking at taking on an Apprentice, this is a fantastic opportunity for them to equip their business with the most up-to-date skills around to give themselves an edge against competitors.

The Carlisle College, Motor Vehicle Apprenticeship Scheme, is designed to provide the recruitment, training, assessment and guidance needed in this competitive and technical sector.  We aim to ensure that you, as either a company or an individual, can meet the challenges of the future by providing the training and skills needed.

Apprentices will receive further education one day a week in our modern and well equipped workshops and classrooms, undertaking theory and practice in traditional motor vehicle engineering skills, modern diagnostic techniques and in particular vehicle electronics. These will play a vital role in the motor vehicle apprentice engineer's education and training both in light and heavy vehicle disciplines. The achieve this, Carlisle College has invested comprehensively in modern electronic diagnostic equipment and training. We can tailor the apprenticeships to suit the business needs of an individual emplyer.

Course Dates: 2 years per level

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