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Apprenticeships in IT, Software, Web & Telecoms

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If you want to be an apprentice in IT and don’t yet have an employer, contact our apprenticeship recruitment team; 01228 822798 or email Deborah Macleod at

If you already have an employer, or are an employer, contact our apprentice recruitment team; 01228 822708 or email Oli Matthews at

For anybody considering a career in IT, this is an excellent opportunity to join the fast paced IT sector and work alongside Clients and Users alike. You will learn the ways in which IT products and services are offered, developed and put into practice, as well as being involved in projects and troubleshooting. You will identify system faults, fix equipment, software and peripherals and you will also set up new equipment and train clients in new systems, software and hardware.

Carlisle College has joined forces with David Allen IT Solutions to offer the IT Apprenticeship Programme. Apprentices will attend Carlisle College one day a week to access their specialist IT labs and receive expert tuition from their highly qualified and industry experienced Tutors. Meanwhile they will work as an IT Apprentice with a leading local Employer for the remainder of the week, where they will have access to advice from specialists at David Allen IT Solutions. David Allen IT Solutions specialise in IT Support and Maintenance, IT Project Consultancy and operate their own purpose built Secure Data Centre.

Candidates that undertake Apprenticeships in IT, Software, Web & Telecoms are able to combine practical skills that have been taught in College and apply them to assigned scenarios in the Workplace. An IT Apprentice can work in a variety of roles within the Sector, such as: Software and Web Development, Network Planning and Engineering, Software Testing and Telecoms.

The new Apprenticeship Scheme is offered at both Advanced and Higher Levels, with Students either working toward a Diploma in IT, or a Foundation Degree in Computing as approved by UCLAN, thereby providing a real alternative to the traditional A Level or University route.

For any employer looking to take on an IT Apprentice, this is a fantastic opportunity to add someone to your team that will have up-to-date knowledge of IT skills and standards. Employers also have the opportunity to mould the Apprenticeship Programme to link in with the needs of their Business.

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