Construction Operations (& Groundworks)

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Apprenticeship in Construction Operations (& Groundworks)

Construction Operations (& Groundworks)

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If you want to be an apprentice in Construction Operations and don’t yet have an employer, contact our apprenticeship recruitment team: 01228 822798, or email Deborah Macleod at

If you already have an employer, or are an employer, contact our apprentice recruitment team: 01228 822708, or email Oli Matthews at

Intermediate (Level 2)

As an Apprentice in Construction Operations with Carlisle College, you will initially be trained with the knowledge to carry out safe working practices in construction, sourcing relevant safety information and following best practice procedures. Time management, organisational skills and productive working techniques will also be a taught element of the programme.

Apprentices in Construction Operations are to communicate effectively with other team members and interpret construction drawings, in order to estimate the quantities of the resources required. Further to this, you will understand about the delivery and storage of these resources, as well as the basic principles of civil engineering and sustainability.

An Apprentice’s job is to prepare and mix mortars and concrete, as well as get involved in the placing, compacting and finishing of concrete and paving. You will also participate in excavating and restoring ground conditions, drainage installations and testing, in addition to basic edging and form work. You will also be aware of and guide the movement of vehicles, plant or machinery in the workplace.

This programme has been designed to develop and recognise your skills, knowledge and competence, so that you can work effectively in the construction industry and progress onto further learning.

Course Dates: September 2018 - June 2020

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