The Edge

What is the Edge?

The Edge project, a £8.5M funded project which will run into 2018, aims to provide training opportunities with a focus on supporting workforce development within Cumbrian SME’s. There is a strong focus on support to recruit apprentices and find training opportunities. The programme is being delivered by a range of partners committed to developing skills in the workforce and is being led by Carlisle College.

Funded Opportunities:

The Edge project will provide individuals with funded opportunities to develop the skills that will enable them to progress in employment. Whilst at the same time it will support employers to take on and develop individuals to fill intermediate, technical and higher level skills gaps and shortages to enable growth.

Am I Eligibile?

If your organisation is based in Cumbria and you have less than 250 employees then you are eligible for funding. Those self-employed are also eligible for support.

Employees and volunteers accessing funded training must be aged over 19 years, be resident in England and working or volunteering for more than 8 hours a week

Why Choose Carlisle College?

Carlisle College is able to offer a diverse range of training depending on the needs of the business. Carlisle College is a further education College whose mission is to be recognised as an outstanding and inclusive College providing life changing skills and experiences. With over £30 million investment in recent years alongside highly qualified tutors with specialist knowledge and a wealth of industry experience, Carlisle College provides a real learning community to support your employees’ progression within employment.

If you are interested in benefiting from The Edge project get in touch:

Visit the website and complete the enquiry form.