Work Experience

All Study Programmes for 16-19 year olds include a significant element of Work Experience.

Carlisle College has many years of experience working in partnership with leading employers throughout the North of England and South West Scotland. The Work Experience Team works across the College to help students find relevant, realistic and enjoyable opportunities.

Benefit to Students

Work experience can increase your employment potential, helping you in a number of ways. It will:

  • Increases your confidence and improves your communication skills and ability to work with others.
  • Establishes an understanding of different job roles and potential career opportunities.
  • Provides practical experience to enhance your CV for future employment.
  • Develops the skills needed to apply for jobs and complete application forms.
  • Improves interview technique.

“I loved the Work Experience aspect of my course and would have happily stayed longer; it gave me an insight into how customer service is essential for growth and retaining business.”

Abi Stirling – Diploma in Business – Work Experience at Cumbria Law Centre

“I would definitely recommend Work Experience to other students, because not only does it look
good on your CV, it helps when applying for Higher Education”

Emily Macleod – Diploma in Travel & Tourism – Work Experience at Virgin Trains

“I really enjoyed my Work Experience, I learnt a lot and really improved my bricklaying skills and
even ended up being taken on as an apprentice.”

Daniel Elliott – Construction Diploma in Brickwork - Work Experience at Iain Cameron Ltd