My child has decided on a future job, we would like to find out routes into that job

It is always worth exploring different routes, even when your child has decided on their chosen job or career. Some jobs might require College, others might need College first then an apprenticeship, others might require a University Degree or you might be able to do an apprenticeship straight from school. The links on this page will help you with this.

Luckily, there are also some websites which might help in this situation. - The National Careers Service

The National Careers Service was established as by the government to allow everyone to access information about careers and finding a job. It offers impartial and extensive information about a range of careers and progression routes.

By clicking on the ‘Explore Careers’ button, you can type in the job you are looking for. It will then show you the qualifications and training required for that job. It will also summarise the general duties, skills required and salary for the job you are interested in.

The Careers pilot Page will allow you to search for specific jobs and give you information regarding: current employment trends, salary, working hours, duties and allow you to search for vacancies.