I would like to explore current labour market trends and the ‘Jobs of Tomorrow’

We now have access to what is called Labour Market Information (LMI). LMI can be national or local, but will show you trends in terms of job growth or decline in certain industries or areas of the country.

This information can be useful when discussing future careers or jobs with your child. The links below can be used to find both national or local information and can be used to find job specific data.

It can sometimes be difficult to find job specific data for Cumbria, so please read the information carefully.

I want to find out labour market information specific to a job


Using SrartProfile, on their webpage in the search box at the top of the page type in the job you would like information on. You can then search for LMI by clicking on ‘Availability’ on the left-hand side. This information is more national than local.


On the ‘Jobs’ tab on the Careers pilot Page, you will be able to find specific job LMI by searching for the job you are interested in. Similar to the StartProfile page – this is job specific and not regional data.


Once you have completed the quiz on the main page, you can search for specific jobs which will then show you if that job is going to grow and decline in the coming years. Again, the information is based on national figures, but it is still a good start point.


I want to search for Cumbria Specific Data

Search Here

Nomis collects employment data in each area of the country. If you would an overview of employment rates and county specific sectors, this is a useful website.


Click here

For a general overview of the job market and growth sectors in Cumbria, this report is very useful.


For LMI specific to Cumbria and all the regions within Cumbria, if you follow this link, then click on  Current Cumbria Observatory Briefings, Summaries & Resources then Labour Market Briefing you will find information regarding the biggest employers in the area, skills employers are looking for and growth sectors in the local area.


I want to explore Jobs of Tomorrow


The Careers Connect outline their research on which sectors might grow in the future. A useful starting point when exploring future jobs or career paths.


Monster have completed research into what they think will the biggest 10 jobs growing or will be in demand within the next 10 years.